Start Measuring & Re-targeting Your TV and Radio Ads

Join the league of top brands who use Boost for Retargeting audience for their TV & Radio ads, measure number of impressions, understand who have seen or listen to your Ads.

Wide Reach

Reach premium audiences you can’t buy on TV. We enable brands to capture TV audience data in real time with our on-the-go dashboard and monetize their audience better.

Call to Action

Provide call to action for people interested on your Ads. Fast, no-cost integration with smart TVs, Radio sets, set-top boxes, mobile apps and smart home automation devices.

Sync Your Ads

Sync TV & Radio ads with mobile phones and tablets. TV-to-mobile re targeting improves brand recall and ROI. Amplify your offline Ad spend on digital & engage your audience everywhere.

Total Control on your Ads with real time viewership data from us

Get yourselves updated with real-time analytics at your fingertips. The state-of-the-art technology with closed-loop attribution for location, purchases and tune-in data.

Machine Learning

Our TV-to-mobile retargeting improves brand recall and TV advertising ROI. We use advanced machine learning algorigthms with digital fingerprint and audio QR code recognition platform build over the cloud to understand when and where the ads are airing, alongside which programs.

Digital Fingerprints

Our Digital Fingerprint processing technology when combined with TV Analytics & Cross Platform Targeting amplify your TV spend on digital and engage your audience

The complete Analytics Package for your TV and Radio Ads

Frequency Extension

Reach your target audience on their digital screens. Extend your TV & Radio ad campaign to viewers who have seen your ads to increase frequency. Deliver rich video and interstitial ads across premium mobile apps with Ad8Mobi Portal.

Sequential Messaging

Deliver TV ads Uniformly and with a single message across all screens Place ads to verified TV audiences on digital and also understnad the impact of your TV & Radio ads with real time analytics in Ad8TV and Ad8Radio Portal.

Audience Retargeting

Reach audiences you can’t buy on TV. For example, target premium viewers of shows and TV networks like Koffee with Karan or of OTT services like Netflix. No more blocking by a competitor who have exclusive IPL rights, target same viewers on mobile or later on TV or Radio.


We know who saw your TV ads, and also who saw your competitor’s ads. So we can pinpoint viewers exposed to either of your campaigns. Conquest your competition, or even your entire category, on digital. Be the leader in your segment or block competition wth excessive ads to your common TG.

Re-Targeting Offline ads Made Easy

Host your TV and Radio Campaigns, powered by data. Boost provides powerful TV & Radio retargeting, Audience measurement and attribution services for brands. Our technology is built to improve ad metrics and bridge the gap between offline and online ads. An always-on, real-time index of every program when coupled with datasets for location, purchase and other consumer behavior attribution, the result is next gen way to reach your audience.

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